The Walters Art Museum
The Walters Art Museum
Virgin and Child This manuscript leaf, Walters W.699, depicts the Virgin and Child.
St. Barbara
Circumcision This is a copy of a well-known engraving by Hendrick Goltzius.
Leaf from Breviary
Bahram Gur in the Blue Pavilion On this folio from Walters manuscript W.609, Bahram Gur visits the princess in the blue pavilion.
Oinochoe with Queen Arsinoe II Jugs or wine pitchers (“oinochoai”) of this kind were used in the cult of the Ptolemaic rulers and always depict one of the queens of the early Ptolemaic period in high relief. This queen can be identified as Arsinoe II by the double cornucopia she holds.
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Fuchi with Herons and Reeds Two herons are depicted standing amongst reeds. This is part of a set with Walters 51.1067.
The Evangelist John receiving divine inspiration and dictating the Gospel to his disciple Prochorus
The Vizier of Egypt Comes to Meet Zulaykha On this folio from Walters manuscript W.645, the vizier of Egypt comes to meet Zulaykha.